Address: 8087 Alcsútdoboz, Alcsúti u.
Phone: +36 (22) 353-219

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The flora of the arboretum in Alcsút is a collection of 540 species of trees due to the plantation in the 19th century. The most beautiful old species of the park are the platans, hazels, tulip-trees, sideroxylons, copper beeches, marsh cypresses, fir trees and Japanese acacias, but the collection of linden trees, maple-trees, oak and chestnut trees are also valuable. The giant thuya with 24 trunks, the cascading beech, the hazel with 7 trunks, the nearby Csaplár forest, the oldest, 170-year old Lebanese cedar of Hungary and the row of platan trees of the same age on the road to Etyek are of great value, too.

Discounts for children: 450 HUF

Discounts for pensioners: 450 HUF

Opening hours during the season: I.01.-XII.31.:Sze:-V: 10-18h

Entrance fee: 700 HUF

Térkép - Alcsúti Arborétum (DINPI) - 8087 Alcsútdoboz, Alcsúti u.

Map - Alcsúti Arborétum (DINPI) - 8087 Alcsútdoboz, Alcsúti u.

Karte - Alcsúti Arborétum (DINPI) - 8087 Alcsútdoboz, Alcsúti u.

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