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A village with 1500 inhabitants, 35 km from Budapest and Székesfehérvár in the Váli valley. Rich with monuments. According to the finds Alcsút has been inhabited since the Stone Age. In the vicinity, an earthwork called Pogányvár (Pagan fortress) from the Bronze Age can be found. It was first mentioned in documents in 1365. In 1819 Joseph Palatine received the estate as an entail and he started large constructions. The Classicist manor-house and a lot of houses in the village were built between 1819 and 1827 by the plans of Mihály Pollack. As a result of the systematic cultivation on the plains a model farm was formed in Alcsút where people came to study from England, France and the Netherlands. Since 1867 Charles Joseph archduke had been the owner of the estate, which he developed using the achievements of the age. He enriched the park with additional botanic rarities. The Catholic church was built in 1907. The Russian troops reached Alcsút on 23th December 1944, the manor-house got on fire and most of it was burnt down that day. In the 1950s the still standing walls were demolished and carried away, because the Party Committee of the County decided to pull down the building. Only the tympanum and the chapel remained. An arboretum can be seen at the ruins of Joseph Palatine's villa.The Clubhouse of the Pannonia Golf & Country Club was originally the central farmstead building, the honorary chairman of the company is Mihály Habsburg, Joseph Palatine's grandson.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Alcsútdoboz
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