Address: 2890 Tata, Hősök tere 9/A
Phone: +36 (70) 332-0423

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It was built between 1765 and 1777 in neo-classical and late-Baroque style. Its utilization is underway.
One of the famous owners of the mansion was Miklós József Esterházy, the great patron of arts, who commissioned the building of a theatre in Tata, too. The plans were made by Fellner and Helmer, a famous theatre-building company from Vienna, which designed theatres in several cities of Europe, such as Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Odessa, Zürich and Salzburg. The building called Castle Theatre was opened in 1888 with an auditorium seating 200 persons and an orchestra of 16 members; the scenery and the props were brought from Vienna. The theatre has not survived, its interior is preserved in a picture painted by the famous Austrian painter, Gustav Klimt.

Térkép - Esterházy-kastély - 2890 Tata, Hősök tere 9/A

Map - Esterházy-kastély - 2890 Tata, Hősök tere 9/A

Karte - Esterházy-kastély - 2890 Tata, Hősök tere 9/A

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