Tata is a baroque town with 24,000 inhabitants situated near the Vienna-Budapest motorway.

One of the determining elements of the landscape and the atmosphere of the small town with slightly hilly surface, lying below the softly bending ranges of the Gerecse hills, in its wonderful natural surroundings. The amazing beauty of its landscape ranks Tata among the must-see-sites of the Tourist Region in Central Transdanubia, where colourful festivals, outdoor concerts and acknowledged sports events entertain visitors every summer. The town shows a perfect harmony of nature and culture, which tempts travellers driving through to stay year by year. Tata is attractive in all seasons but it is the most exciting in summer: its large lakes and popular outdoor swimming pools are preferred by the fans of aquatic sports and angling while its shady parks refresh the lovers of nature providing unforgettable recreation.

Tata´s eventful history is reflected in its historic buildings, the most important of which is the castle built in the Renaissance period, while the local history collections and the open-air geological museum form delightful spots focusing everyone´s attention to some of the town´s tourist attractions.

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