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Belgien Brasserie Henri - Belga Söröző - Étterem



Pets allowed






Parking place

Total accommodation: 80 Ppl
Address: 1011 BUDAPEST (I. kerület), Bem rkp. 12. -  map
Phone: +36 (1) 201-5082 Fax: +36 (1) 225-8350


Class: 2nd class

Set meals: 2000 - 4000 HUF

Location: central

Cuisine: Belgian

Open places: 40 Ppl

Opening hours during the season: I.01.-XII.31.:H:-V: 12-24h

Accepted credit card: all kinds

Car park: OK

Other information:

In Hungary in the middle of '90s a company of guests formed for whom not only the "kőbányai" beer was light. It proved true that a most colourful beer-palette had been required, and in Hungary there were lots of guests have feelings for beer specialities.
This recognition and the rich selection of beer experienced in Belgian throughout our trips gave us the idea to create the first belgian brasserie in Hungary.
The decision was followed by actions, and we started building the belgian brasserie situated in Bem rakpart. Everything went well, the only problem was from where and how to procure belgian beers, moreover, so hide selection of beers, that it would count a real, special selection. Remember, that time, Borsodi Brewery did the pionirwork and procured the first beer-specialities.
That selection was just enough for us, but not enough for a supply of a special belgian brasserie. Since, we established an importer corporation, and we ourselves started to import the specialities from Belgian. At the very beginning, of course, only a few species were imported, at about only one and a half dozen. Though at that time this amount was "the miracle" itself in Hungary. At first we went to Belgian using a small wan with a trailer, visited the factories, and we started to buy beers from those that we managed to come to an understanding.
Nowadays we import more than 80 species that besides our own property shops we negotiate to wholesale and retail trades. The assortment is changing, sometimes we import new specialities to test it with our guest, and if they like, we keep them. Sometimes it occurs, when one of our regular guests arrives from abroad and say: "I have drunken this or that kind of beer, and I liked it very much". This time we import it to him, in case we manage to agree. When seasonal beers come, like Christmas ones, they are put on the selection of the brasserie, too.
Nowadays our guests can taste more than 70 sorts of bottled and 8 sorts of draft beer.
Gastronomy turns a bit at our place, because we dont offer you drink to the meal, but the opposite, we offer meal to the drink.
"Belgian cuisine is French indeed as a matter of fact, but if you would like to have really delicious French meals, you have to visit Belgium." - said Micheal Carlier, the ex-hungarian ambassador of the Belgian Kingdom.

Possibilities: Taxi, Pets allowed, Air-conditioning, Non-smoking, Restaurant, Vegetarian, Banquet-hall, Parking place

Belgien Brasserie Henri - Belga Söröző - Étterem - BUDAPEST (Szolgáltatás: Söröző)

Belgien Brasserie Henri - Belga Söröző - Étterem - Hungary - BUDAPEST (Travel Service: Pub)

Belgien Brasserie Henri - Belga Söröző - Étterem - Ungarn - BUDAPEST (Reiseleistung: Bierstube)

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