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Town with 23,900 inhabitants 20 km southwest of Debrecen on national highway No. 4.

It was first mentioned in records in 1075, during King Géza I's reign. On 2 September 1606 István Bocskai donated it to 700 hajdus in a deed of gift. On 26 October 1925 73°C thermal water broke out here as a result of drilling led by Ferenc Pávai Vajna. This unexpected gift determined the main direction of the development of the town.

Visitors have been able to enjoy the beneficial effects of the iodine-bromine-salt medicinal water for as long as eight decades. In the spa bath renewed in 1999 based on the thermal water deservedly famous in Europe, more than 40 kinds of treatments are available for visitors. The medicinal water is excellent for treating rheumatic, gynaecological diseases as well as for after-treatment of sports injuries and operations.
In the 30ha territory of the bath visitors can enjoy 13 pools - including medicinal, bubble, children's, wave and swimming pools, as well as a Mediteranean beach with a water surface of 6,200 m2 - a nearly 5ha rowing lake, an Aquapark with 9 giant chutes, 3 pools and mini chutes, as well as beach volleyball, tennis courts and football pitches between 1 May and 30 September. The lovers of swimming can enjoy this sport every day all the year round in Árpád Swimming Pool, which is a modern, indoor stretched-surface establishment.

Tourism services in the town can meet all sorts of demands offering visitors 24 hotels, 31 pensions, 1,300 places of private accommodation and two camping sites and pleasant relaxation in beautiful surroundings.
If you are interested in all these services or you need further information about the programmes, feel free to contact the travel agencies and tourist offices in Hajdúszoboszló.

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