City of county rank with over 200,000 inhabitants, the second largest city in Hungary, centre of the region, the scientific and cultural centre of the eastern part of the country, festival city.

The most convenient means of transport between Debrecen and the capital is the Intercity train service. The city can be reached on the highway M3 by car, on main roads No. 4 and No. 47, by air visitors can arrive at the Airport of Debrecen.

During its history it was the capital of Hungary twice - in 1849 and in 1945. In its main square, in Kossuth square you can see the symbol of the town, the Calvinist Great church, where Lajos Kossuth read out the Declaration of Independence on the 14th of April 1849. From the tower of the church you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city. Behind the Great Church you can find the Calvinist College, where prominent figures of Hungarian culture studied and which has been working continuously since 1538. The Archives of the Calvinist Church and the Museum of the History of Education and Religious Art are housed here. Its Great Library has rare books which are considered to be unique in Europe as well as in the world. The Bible collection includes the volumes of the Holy Book in more than 250 languages. Next to the college you can find the oldest square of the town, the renewed Déri square, which has become an intimate place in the town with its nice splashing water and comfortable benches.
The Déri Museum built between 1926 and 1928 presents rich collections of archaeology, ethnography, culture and local history as well as historical relics. The greatest attraction of the museum is the world-famous Munkácsy-trilogy including Ecce Homo, Christ in front of Pilate and the Golgotha, which can be seen in one exhibition hall. The Museum of Literature collects the rich literary traditions of the town presenting nearly 50,000 exhibits, manuscripts, works of art from the time of poet Mihály Csokonai Vitéz to the present. Important collections are housed in the Memorial Museum of László Holló and the Memorial Museum of Ferenc Medgyessy, too. Those who are interested in folk art, can visit the Tímár house, where they can get to know the traditions as well as the works of contemporary artists. In the row of workshops you can glimpse into the "behind-the-scenes" secrets of dress-makers, embroiderers, potters, dyers in blue, lace-makers and you can even try to make these articles yourself. In the most beautiful part of the town, in the Great Forest you can find the University of Debrecen founded in 1912. The impressive neo-baroque building is "decorated" by the well-designed, French-style monumental park with statues of famous preachers and with a huge fountain.

Debrecen offers various high-standard programmes all year round including festivals, concerts. The programmes such as the Flower Carnival, The Carnival Week (15-21 August), the International Festival of Military Bands, the Debrecen Jazz days, the Festival of Poetry, the Spring and Autumn Festivals, the Turkey Days of Debrecen and the Béla Bartók International Competition of Choirs attract several hundred thousand visitors to the city every year.

The first protected nature conservation area of Hungary is the 1,082 ha Great Forest of Debrecen. In its territory you can find the Aquaticum Medicinal and Bath Centre with its new indoor Mediterranean Pleasure Bath opened in 2003, as well as the Fun Fair, the Zoo and one of the locals´ favourite places for relaxation, Lake Békás. In the neighbourhood you can find several restaurants with pleasant atmosphere offering delicious Hungarian dishes and specialities baked in an oven.

Debrecen is characterised by dynamic development today. The city prides itself on the multifunctional Főnix hall seating 8,000 spectators, where national and international sports events are held one after the other along with cultural programmes or the Ice Rink of Debrecen, which is open all year round. In 2006 an indoor swimming pool with several pools, which is suitable for organizing international competitions, was opened along with the Kölcsey Centre, which is the largest conference centre of the eastern part of Hungary seating 1,150 persons. This building complex includes the youngest hotel of the city, the four-star Lycium Hotel, as well as a new 3-storey gallery called MODEM (Modern and Contemporary Arts Centre. The second largest city of Hungary is constantly being renewed with beautifully restored buildings, newly designed and built squares and buildings, parks with flowers making Debrecen a pleasant big town in the country.

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