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Budapest római emlékei / Fürdő Múzeum


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The ruins area of the baths belongs to the Aquincum Museum and was also one of the first historic monuments in Hungary. On display are remains of the public baths of the AD 2nd-3rd century legionary fortress and the residence of the military leader of the province (dux) probably reconstructed from in the AD 4th century. After the first excavations in the 18th century, other parts of the baths were uncovered in subsequent phases and thus, to a certain extent , became well-known internationally as a special sight. The museum puts on display most parts of the building of the great baths. Among the ruins visitors can see a tableau exhibition concerning the history, development and most important buildings in the legionary fortress itself.

Budapest római emlékei / Fürdő Múzeum - BUDAPEST (Látnivaló: Múzeum)

Budapest római emlékei / Fürdő Múzeum - Hungary - BUDAPEST (Sight: Museum)

Budapest római emlékei / Fürdő Múzeum - Ungarn - BUDAPEST (Sehenswürdigkeit: Museum)

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