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Budapest római emlékei / Hercules villa


Opening hours during the season: A Hercules villa április 1-től október 31-ig szerdától vasárnapig 10.00 és 18.00 között látogatható!

Other information:

The small ruins area belongs to the Aquincum Museum. On display here are what remains of an high status dwelling, that lay in the quarter of the Aquincum Military Town housing the offices of the provincial governor. In this atmospheric park visitors can see the foundation walls an urban villa (villa urbana), as well as stone slabs of Late Roman graves dug between the walls after the villa was abandonned. In the protective buildings are mosaics decorating thefloors of various living spaces. These mosaics are without peer on a national level and of great importance internationally too.

Budapest római emlékei / Hercules villa - BUDAPEST (Látnivaló: Múzeum)

Budapest római emlékei / Hercules villa - Hungary - BUDAPEST (Sight: Museum)

Budapest római emlékei / Hercules villa - Ungarn - BUDAPEST (Sehenswürdigkeit: Museum)

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