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GOforGO Travel



Accomodation service

Youth Hostel


sale of air tickets

Organization of programmes

Excursions by bus

city trips

Sightseeing in Budapest

Cultural tours

Incentive tours

last minute trips

sale of trips

organization of trips


Address: 1039 BUDAPEST (III. kerület), Csobánka tér 5.
Phone: +36 (30) 307-1736


Services: Organizing of incoming trips, Organizing of outgoing trips

Preferred countries: Austria, Germany, Transsylvania, France, Greece, Croatia, Poland

Other information:

Shopping, medicinal, hobby, youth, incentive, event, sport and religious tourism, tourism for handicapped people, organization of programmes, holidays.

Possibilities: Rent-a-bus, Accomodation service, Youth Hostel, Apartment, sale of air tickets, Organization of programmes, Excursions by bus, city trips, Sightseeing in Budapest, Cultural tours, Incentive tours, last minute trips, sale of trips, organization of trips, Skiing

GOforGO Travel - BUDAPEST (Szolgáltatás: Utazási iroda)

GOforGO Travel - Hungary - BUDAPEST (Travel Service: Agency)

GOforGO Travel - Ungarn - BUDAPEST (Reiseleistung: Büro)

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