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Hévízgyógyfürdő és Szent András Reumakórház



With bathroom


Spa in the hotel's vicinity

Therapeutic facilities within the hotel





Swimming pool

Acces for wheelchairs

Parking place

Total accommodation: 109 Ppl
Address: 8380 Hévíz, Dr. Schulhof Vilmos sétány 1. -  map
Web: /****/I040017/
Phone: +36 (83) 501-700/204

Number of rooms

Type of rooms



Double room


Accepted credit card: Mastercard, EuroCard, AMEX, VISA

Car park: 50 pieces

Bus parking lot: 4 pieces

Other information:

The wonderful Hévízi Gyógytó:
Hévízi Gyógytó (the Curative Lake of Hévíz) is the largest biologically active, natural, peat-mud thermal lake of volcanic origin in the world.
The lake of curative effect, of 4.4 hectare in size and 38 meters in spring depth, is fed by springs with mineral water contents, thanks to the plentiful water output of which - 410 litres per second - the water is completely replaced every third day.
The water temperature of the lake - which is heated by geothermic energy - does not drop under 22 °C in the wintertime, and reaches 35-38 °C in the summertime. The on average 30.7 °C water temperature does not affect the heat-system of the human body but makes the patient relaxed and fresh. The 33.9 hectare forest embracing the lake allows protection from the wind, while the continuously evaporating water cleans the air, thus providing bathers with relaxation in a dust- and allergen-free environment, serving the physical and spiritual refreshment of those exhausted from work.
To optimally achieve the desired curative effect, it is recommended to spend 20-30 minutes in the water on occasion, then, by taking at least 30-minute brakes, it is recommended to spend altogether 1-1.5 hours per day in the water.
The medical indications of the cure cover a wide spectrum of locomotor diseases: it can be favourably applied for the treatment of rheumatic locomotor diseases, osteoporosis, degenerative (abrasion) spinal/articular diseases, Bechterewdisease, inflammatory articular diseases in their chronic phase, for the follow-up treatment of injuries and locomotor operations, as well as soft-part rheumatism, secondary articular diseases, chronic, peripheral complaints and complaints that can be traced back to mechanical reasons related to the nervous system, the pre- and post operative treatments of articular diseases, for chronic gynaecological diseases as well as following vertebral disk operations.
It is not recommended in the case of contagious diseases, malignant tumours, heart failure, circulatory irregularities, thrombosis and other haematopoietic diseases, asthma, high blood-pressure and pregnancy.

Saint Andrew Rheumatological Hospital: The treatments result in not only temporary improvement but prevent the return of pains for months, thus a spring cure gives the gift of a pain-free Christmas to those suffering from rheumatism.
- Complex physiotherapy for rheumatic- and locomotor diseases with a 200-year-old medical experience
- In- and outpatient opportunity, laboratory, X-ray, EKG, ODM
- Rehabilitation, recreation

Possibilities: TV, With bathroom, WIFI, Spa in the hotel's vicinity, Therapeutic facilities within the hotel, Massage, Wellness, Restaurant, Exchange, Swimming pool, Acces for wheelchairs, Parking place

Hévízgyógyfürdő és Szent András Reumakórház - Hévíz (Szállás: Gyógyüdülő, szanatórium)

Hévízgyógyfürdő és Szent András Reumakórház - Hungary - Hévíz (Hotel: Cure Hotel, Sanatorium)

Hévízgyógyfürdő és Szent András Reumakórház - Ungarn - Hévíz (Unterkunft: Kurort, Sanatorie)

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