The largest peninsula of Balaton, unique with its rich natural and historical values. Ferry-boats transporting cars and buses, too, from the southern edge of the peninsula.

Currently popular resort of 1,300 inhabitants. King András I built here the burial-place of his family in 1055, and a chapel where Benedictine monks had been settled by him. Lots of Hungarian words and expressions are included in the Document of Foundation prepared in Latin language that is why it is one of the most appreciated memory of the Hungarian language.

The fortress transformed into a Castle during the Turkish wars had never been taken by the enemy. The Abbey was reconstructed in the 18th century by the Benedictine order reinstated in its possessions. The two towers constructed have been symbols of the peninsula since 1752.

The church and monastery of the Abbey are the two most well-known sights of Tihany. The crypt (from 1055) is a hall crypt of three naves of Roman style remained in good state; it is the only royal burial-place remained in its Árpád-age state in Hungary. Here lies King András I died in 1060.

The Baroque church and monastery of today's Tihany were built between 1719 and 1760, the Baroque furniture of the church is really beautiful. Gallery of the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany is located in the monastery; exhibitions of well-known artists are organized there in summer. System of earthworks of oval ground-plan of the hill called Óvár was built at the end of the Bronze Age and in the early Iron Age; in the Middle Ages orthodox hermits of Greek rite hollowed out their reclusories, chapel and dining-room on the eastern side of the hill. It is the only hermits' estate in the Carpathian hollow and, what is more, in Middle-Europe that remained in a comparatably good condition.

Tihany echo mentioned so many times in literature entertains tourists rebounding from the wall of the Abbey Church.

Usual building materials of folk monument houses are basaltic tuff and reed. House of Farmers, of Fishermen's Guild and of Potters can be visited in their original state, furnished on Pisky promenade. Collection of Puppet Museum consisting of old puppets with porcelain heads, dressed in folk dresses. For guests interested in sciences: permanent exhibition of the geophysicist Loránd Eötvös. In the institute where the exhibition is held there is an observatory to observe the changes of magnetic fields of the Earth.

Wide variety of programmes of arts in Tihany Summer. Programmes of Tihany Musical Month are held from the middle of July till the middle of August, among them opera performances and concerts of Tihany Festival Performances (on a stage placed down at the Abbey). Tihany organ concert series held in the church of the Abbey are of national fame.
Tihany Vintage Days in the first half of September with music, folk dances, farces, vintage procession, street ball. Well-equipped ports for the lovers of yachting. Inner Lake (Belső-tó) for anglers.

The whole territory of Tihany peninsula is a nature conservation area. The original, natural state of the shore (reeds undisturbed) is kept at Bozsai bay at the south-western side of the peninsula. Internal and External Lakes had been developed on the place of volcanic craters. The highest point of the peninsula is Csúcs hill which is the residue of geyser rushed up from basalt tuff. Fossil records of former geysers can be found on the field southward from the Internal Lake, the Golden House is the largest among them.
Lóczy educational path leads the visitors around the peninsula, its starting point is at the church ruin of Apáti (near Sajkod) and it ends at the port; nice, pleasant promenade with route signs guiding tourists to the above-mentioned sights.

The stations of the Cross on the Kálvária Hill near Visszhang (Echo) hill can be visited again.

After many years of preparation, international evaluation and classification, Tihany-peninsula is the third spot in Hungary, which has been awarded the Europe Diploma for the protection of natural values.

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