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Dear Guests! Spend some pleasant days in our town! Our historic town is situated at the border of the Bakony hills and Balaton Highlands. Several nationally famous monuments can be seen here.

An outstanding example of the Hungarian castles is the 15th century Kinizsi Castle, where Pál Kinizsi, King Matthias�s well-known general lived with his family. Next to the castle museum you can find a tourist hostel. In the neighbourhood of the castle the Post Museum and the Open-air Museum of Ethnography can be found.

The former presents the development of telecommunication, the latter gives an insight into the life and running of the one-time flourishing trade guilds of Vázsony. The late baroque Zichy mansion and the ruins of the Paulite monastery are also worth visiting.

Apart from the sights of the cultural heritage, Nagyvázsony offers wine tasting and the picturesque landscape awaits the lovers of horse riding, cycling, hiking, hunting and archery. Several cultural programmes are held in the town. In the summer season Castle festivity is held every day.

The church concerts, the theatre performances, the knights� tournament are popular programmes. Nagyvázsony is involved in the series of cultural programmes called the Valley of Arts. On our homepage you can find up-to-date information about our programmes. Visit our town, you are welcome here!

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