Town with 14,876 inhabitants on the river Bodrog, the commercial and cultural centre of Bodrogköz and Hegyalja.

The Reformed college is of national renown, György Bessenyei, Mihály Csokonai Vitéz, Lajos Kossuth, Bertalan Szemere and Mihály Tompa are only a few names of the long lists of eminent Hungarians who studie here.
Sárospatak is the birthplace of St. Elizabeth of the Árpáds. Péter Perényi started to build the fortified castle in 1534. Later on the names of István Dobó, Zsuzsanna Lorántffy and Ferenc Rákóczi II. also appeared among the owners of the place. It was the scene of important historic events. Now the Rákóczi Museum of the National Museum is housed in the building.
The Roman Catholic church was built on 13th-14th century foundations in 1492. The Reformed College was founded by Péter Perényi, the builder of the castle, in 1531. The existing neo-Classical building was completed in 1806. The 17th century old college building is also in the courtyard, is now used as a museum. The Louis XVI. style Greek Catholic church was built in the 17th century.

Exhibitions: Roman Catholic Church Collection housed in the former Jesuit monastery; the Scientific Collections of the Reformed College at Sárospatak; the Sárospatak Gallery.
The town is the starting point for excursions, aquatics facilities are available on the river Bodrog.

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