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The Upper-Mátra hills including villages such as Mátraszentistván, Galyatető, Bagolyirtás, Fallóskút attract many visitors with the natural beauties of the countryside and the subalpine climate. This group of villages is very popular in summer as well as in winter, and it offers opportunities for eco-tourism, too. The restaurants preserve the gastronomical traditions, a wide variety of accommodation is provided and walking on the paths tourists can visit the game park in Hotel Narád enjoying the breath-taking view, or they can go to the regional village museum presenting our traditions. The Church of Three Villages, the Mary Shrine of Fallóskút is the destination of the growing religious tourism. For the lovers of winter sports ski runs of different length are offered meeting the demands of beginner and advanced skiers. Mátraszentimre is the region of natural beauties, crystal clear air and pleasant relaxation.


The holiday resort centre at the 966 m peak of the Mátra Mountains is accessible from Pásztó or Gyöngyös. Considering the climate the four-storey ashlar palace of the Grand Hotel was built with low windows. The Péterhegyes lookout tower, offering a panorama to the north, was completed in 1934. The neo-Romanesque Catholic church was built in 1942. Galyatető is one of the centres of winter sports.

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