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Kovács Rent a Bus





Address: 1192 Budapest, Tas u. 18.
Phone: +36 (20) 943-7648 P/F: +36 (1) 707-8600


Other information:

Our comfortable buses are suitable for trips in the country and abroad, too. They are air-conditioned, equipped with ABS, Panorama thermo-glass windows and mini-bar, and the seats can be broadened. Our reliable drivers are at your disposal.

Possibilities: Rent-a-bus, Air-conditioning, Minibar

Kovács Rent a Bus - BUDAPEST (Szolgáltatás: Taxi, autókölcsönző)

Kovács Rent a Bus - Hungary - BUDAPEST (Travel Service: Taxi, Rent-a-car)

Kovács Rent a Bus - Ungarn - BUDAPEST (Reiseleistung: Taxi, Rent-a-car)

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