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Address: 1055 BUDAPEST (V. kerület), Balaton u. 13. II/3.
Phone: +36 (1) 331-1581 Fax: +36 (1) 312-7876


Year of foundation: 1994 év

National Tourist Office number: R-0901/94/1997.

National professional association: MUISZ, BKIK

National professional association: RDA, ASTA

Services: Organizing of incoming trips

Other information:

Wine and gastronomical tours, rural, hobby, youth, incentive, adventure, conference, cultural, programme, professional, senior, religious and eco-tourism, mansion tours, visiting monuments, wellness, holidays.

Possibilities: Rent-a-bus, Cultural tours, round tour in the country, Guide, Incentive tours, business trips

Panorama Tours & Travel - BUDAPEST (Szolgáltatás: Utazási iroda)

Panorama Tours & Travel - Hungary - BUDAPEST (Travel Service: Agency)

Panorama Tours & Travel - Ungarn - BUDAPEST (Reiseleistung: Büro)

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