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Pelyhe Pince - Pincemúzeum

Address: 3414 Bükkzsérc, Felső pincesor -  map
Phone: +36 (70) 310-8519, +36 (70) 639-2603 Fax: +36 (1) 277-6675


Opening hours during the season: előzetes bejelentkezés alapján

Other information:

The cellar is situated in picturesque environment, in the upper row of cellars from where there is a nice view of the Bükk National Park. The rebuilding of the press house built in 1865 was started by the Pelyhe family in 2000. In the press house
you can see a traditional, three-function stove, in which local special dishes are made. In the press house with folk furniture the tools of vine making and wine processing can be seen, as well as the tools of baking bread. A speciality of the cellar is that in the 20 m long rhyolite tuff cellar you can see life-size tuff carvings of vine growing, which are the first awarded tuff carvings of Hungary (2006)! In February 2006 all the three works were awarded by the Department of Applied Arts. The tuff carvings were made by a local master, Sándor Soltész. In several wine cellars of the region you can find nice, carved cellars, which are special sights for visitors.
It can seat
60 persons (in the presshouses 30 persons, in the wine cellar 30 persons). Wine tasting with cheese from Gelej. Organization of conferences, friendly get-togethers, tour guidance on the ethnographical, historical sights of the region.

Pelyhe Pince - Pincemúzeum - Bükkzsérc (Látnivaló: Múzeum)

Pelyhe Pince - Pincemúzeum - Hungary - Bükkzsérc (Sight: Museum)

Pelyhe Pince - Pincemúzeum - Ungarn - Bükkzsérc (Sehenswürdigkeit: Museum)

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