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Vass Imre-barlang (ANPI)

Address: 3758 Jósvafő, -  map
Phone: +36 (48) 506-009 Fax: +36 (48) 506-001


Discounts for groups: 800 HUF

Discounts for children: 50 %

Discounts for pensioners: 50 %

Opening hours during the season: IV.01.-X.30.: 10h, 15h

Opnening hours out of the season: I.01.-III.31. és XI.01.-XII.31.:H:-V: 09-13h

Entrance fee: 2500 HUF

Other information:

The cave was discovered at the bottom of a 7 m shaft by an enthusiastic group of speleologists from the Technical University on 31 August 1954. As a result of a one and a half years' exploration, the cave section is open to the public today. Since it was explored, it has become one of the best surveyed caves of Hungary. The cave is made special by the colourful (from white to red) dripstones, dripstone columns, straw-dripstones and dripstone falls. Its most spectacular dripstone formation is the so-called Orange falls.

Vass Imre-barlang (ANPI) - Jósvafő (Látnivaló: Nemzeti park)

Vass Imre-barlang (ANPI) - Hungary - Jósvafő (Sight: National Park)

Vass Imre-barlang (ANPI) - Ungarn - Jósvafő (Sehenswürdigkeit: Nationalpark)

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