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Zichy Mihály Emlékmúzeum

Address: 8660 Zala, Zichy Mihály utca 20. -  map
Phone: +36 (84) 320-607


Discounts for children: 250 HUF

Discounts for soldiers: 250 HUF

Discounts for pensioners: 250 HUF

Opening hours during the season: V.01.-IX.30.: 10-18h

Opnening hours out of the season: X.01-IV.30.: 10-16h

Entrance fee: 500 HUF

Other information:

Mihály Zichy's house of birth. The exhibition displays paintings by Mihály Zichy, the nicest pieces of furniture from his home in St. Petersburgh, his weapon collection, Grusian ethnographic collection, the original furniture and library (3,000 pieces) of the Zichy family and many documents. The park is protected.

Zichy Mihály Emlékmúzeum - Zala (Látnivaló: Múzeum)

Zichy Mihály Emlékmúzeum - Hungary - Zala (Sight: Museum)

Zichy Mihály Emlékmúzeum - Ungarn - Zala (Sehenswürdigkeit: Museum)

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