in Vonyarcvashegy:   Hotel - Wellness, Spa - Travel Service - Business Travel

Hotel Vonyarc**

Total accommodation: 60 Ppl
Address: 8314 Vonyarcvashegy, Arany J. u. 7. -  map
Phone: +36 (83) 348-035

Possibilities: TV, Roomtelephon, With bathroom, Restpark, Safe, Animator, Online Booking, garden party, Spa in the hotel's vicinity, Massage, Non-smoking, Restaurant, Café or drink bar, Buffet, Breakfast, Vegetarian, Nature conservation area, Apartment, Families are welcome, Information, Organization of programmes, Excursions by ship, pleasure boat, city trips, Cultural tours, Excursions, trips, Organization of events, Angling, Table-tennis, Parking place

Hotel Vonyarc** - Vonyarcvashegy (Szállás: Hotel)

Hotel Vonyarc** - Hungary - Vonyarcvashegy (Hotel: Hotel)

Hotel Vonyarc** - Ungarn - Vonyarcvashegy (Unterkunft: Hotel)

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