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The village is built on southern downy hills connecting Balaton with Keszthely mountains. Mountain-village of 1,870 inhabitants. Village 'Vonyarc' of Árpád-age was destroyed at the time of the Turkish rule. Major part of inhabitants returned to the village in the 17th and 18th century settled down up on the wine-hills. Vonyarc and Vashegy were united in 1850. At that time the inhabitants dealt primarily with viniculture and fishing. The cultivated local bathing life was based upon the activity of the Bathing Association founded in 1930. Since the sixties tourism has been the most important motive of the life of the village. Baroque chapel of Vashegy (at eastern part of the village) was built at the beginning of this century. It was renovated outside and inside in 2002. St. Cross burial-chapel was built in classicist style in 1820. Dolomite block of St. Mihály hill emerges like an island westward from the village, on the shore of Balaton. Earlier there was a fortified donjon on top of the hill, and at the Turkish times an observation post was erected there. The votive church currently standing there was built upon the ruins of the observation post in 1739. Tradition says in the course of a winter fishing in 1729 the ice was cut in pieces by a split, 6 fishermen died from 46 while the others were swept out to the shore of Vonyarc on a drift of ice by the wind so they survived. Thereafter they made a vow to build a chapel on the hill. Temporary exhibitions in the community centre in summer. Exhibitions of fine arts and arts and crafts in the parish hall (in the first half of July). Museum of Weapons in Rákóczi street, in the district of villas above the long-distance road; private collection consisting primarily of European weapons and uniforms from the 19th century. The Millennium Park was opened in 2001. The series of events of Memorial Days of the 40 Fishermen had its tenth anniversary in 2002. The programme of opening the summer season is the opening ceremony at Whitsun. The beach developed a lot in 2002. Two international beach volley-ball courts, a handball court and a children's pool were opened. The following event is the blaze at St. Ivan's Night in June. Boros Fiesta introducing the wines of the area on the fourth week-end of July. "Memorial Days of the 40 Fishermen" on the second Sunday of August, aiming at organizing a joint memorial day for the fishing in Balaton. Series of programmes last for three days; performance of fishing-boats and wreathing of Balaton on Sunday. International colony of artists in the village in the first two weeks of August. Season closing fiesta of Vonyarcvashegy in September. A new programme in the village is Saint Michael's day at the end of September. Taking the green cross route sign from the centre of Vonyarcvashegy we can get to the St. Mihály hill. Facility for a nice excursion to the rebuilt Berzsenyi look-out tower of Pető Hill in Keszthely mountains. Green triangular route sign leads to Vas hill, the renewed Kitaibel look-out tower.The village is proud of its new water ski track which extends 140 m over the water.

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