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Town with 3,422 residents 17 km north of Szerencs, in the Zemplén hills. It used to be an important market town of the Tokaj-hegyalja region for centuries. Besides viticulture it is famous for its handicraft and trade. The town has active cultural, social and sport life. There are four churches: the 14th century Gothic Roman Catholic church, which was rebuilt in the 18th century in Baroque style; the Calvinist church built in Baroque style in 1752; the late Baroque Lutheran church and the beautiful iconostas of the neo-Classical Greek Catholic church decorated with carvings. Several folk Baroque buildings and neo-classical dwelling-houses are listed monuments. A collection of local history and a beautiful, unique system of wine cellars await visitors. Popular beauty spots are the Aranyos valley and the Sulyom peak.
Jewish cemetery: The memory of the victims of the holocaust, the memory of the Jewish people removed from Abaújszántó is preserved by 7 memorial plaques in the cemetery of the village.

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