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Arló is situated near the No. 25 highway 40 km from Eger in the Tarnavidék nature conservation area. Its sigths are the 400-year-old church, a protected historic monument, and the Gyepes Valley, a favourite place for botanists and zoologists for the great number of doubly protected animals and plants to be found here. Arló Lake which came about as a consequence of a landslide and is fed by a large number of springs, has become well known all over Europe. Its closest environment is covered by pine forests and this makes possible for the visitors to enjoy hazy waterside atmosphere and the mountain air of a unique microclimate at the same time. This kind of mountain air is able to ease and even cure allergic respiratory diseases. Every year a "Handicrafts and artisans folklore camp" is organized in the camping, which has now become an almost traditional feast, which attrats several hundreds of visitors. There is a possibility for fishing, swimming and water-cycling in the camping.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Arló
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