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Village of 1,200 inhabitants lying on a loess hill kept its peaceful, country atmosphere; area alongside the lake-shore is a shady, intimate resort place. Cemetary of the Late Bronze Age had been uncovered at the border of Balatonberény.

Area of the village was populated also before our era. In the Middle Ages it was a church land first mentioned in records in 1332. At the time of the Turkish rule lots of inhabitants escaped to the reed-woods of Small Balaton (Kis-Balaton) close to the village. From 1733 the Hunyady family became the largest landlord of the area. In the beginning of bathing life it was a unique habit of lessors of peasant houses of the village to erect a bathing hut in the water; in 1902 there were 170 bathing huts set up in the water next to each other. The Roman Catholic church was built around 1350 but it got seriously damaged in the Turkish times. It was renovated by the Hunyady family in Baroque style in 1733 (however more Gothic details e.g. the buttresses, the sanctuary, a few windows and entrances had been saved in their original state). The so-called House of the Past was built in the early years of this century, currently the historic exhibition of the village can be visited there.

In summer exhibition of the fine arts in the Painters' House. Village Day is held on 1st May. One of the specialties of the village is the beach and camping site for nudists. In case of bad weather the hot-water medicinal baths of Hévíz and  Zalakaros can be visited. Those who like hiking can go up on a pleasant path to the Bokrosi wine-hill above the village. There is a nice view from the top of the hill to Keszthely mountain and the monadnocks of Tapolca hollow. Besides this the old protected thatched cellars with their excellent wines give unforgettable experience. Route marked with red triangle goes to Star Castle (Csillagvár) at the border of Balatonszentgyörgy. The star-shaped, fortress-like building had been considered a border castle for a long time but now we know that it was constructed by László Festetics in the 1820s for the purpose of a hunting castle. Exhibition in the building introduces the life of knights of border castles in the 16th century. The Amateur Art Festival of Transdanubia is organized in July.

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