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Nagyberek lies alongside the shore of Lake Balaton almost 23 km long. Earlier it belonged to the bed of the Lake, its ground was unsuitable for any agricultural activity that is why some of its areas remained in their original beauty. Balatonfenyves with its 2,260 inhabitants is the heart of Nagyberek, built directly at the lake-shore in front of the Fehérvízi bog declared protected. Phylloxera does not survive on sandy ground that is why the sandy area of 220 acres between Fonyód and Balatonkeresztúr unutilized till then had been divided into lots for the purpose of establishing vineyards there. Works had been initiated and conducted by the excellent agriculturist Earl Imre Széchenyi. The first vintage on the lands leased preferentially to farmers of Somogy and Zala counties was held in 1896, the year of millennium. This date is considered by the inhabitants as the year of birth of their village. Because of the pine-woods planted here, this area has been called Balatonfenyves (Balaton Pine-Woods) since 1912. Since the 30s Fenyves has become a resort place. Specialty of Balatonfenyves is the narrow-gauge railway taking the visitors inside Nagyberek. The only riding-hall covered with roof in the Balaton region is located in the village. International riding contests are also organized here however for tourists cross-country rides and carriage-drives at Berek provide great experiences. Exhibitions in the hall of the Lord Mayor's Office for the lovers of fine arts in summer. Folklore programmes in the Music Pavillion at the beach, meetings in the Sports Hall. Programme closing the summer season of Balatonfenyves is the Day of Narrow-Gauge Railway held in the first week-end of September. Pleasant summer programme and a great experience for tourists is the journey by the narrow-gauge railway to the unexploited area of Fehérvízi bog where 123 species of birds and several rare birds live currently. Destination of the narrow-gauge railway is the famous medicinal bath of Csisztapuszta where locomotor disorders are treated primarily. The romantic line of cellars in Táska and the village of Buzsák famous for its folk art and lots of sights are also close to here.

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