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City of 2,300 inhabitants, one of the most well-kept resorts of Balaton shore decorated with parks and gardens. Important memorial of the history of Balatonföldvár is the earthworks built in the Iron Age. According to the archeological findings Celts lived in this area in the 4th century B.C., their fortress had been protected by an outwork from the south and by the abyss of High-Shore and the Lake itself from the north. In the 18th and 19th centuries the area of the city was displayed on maps under the name Földvár-puszta and it was part of the domain of Széchenyi family. It was decided in 1872 by Dénes Széchenyi to establish a bathing resort on this beautiful, depopulated territory. The first hotel was constructed in 1895, the official opening ceremony of the resort place was held in 1896. By that time the construction of more than 40 wonderful villas was completed in Balatonföldvár. Nice environment of the town is due to the work of István Spúr domanial engineer and József Schilkán domanial gardener. The port and the lake-shore promenade of 1,200 metres were constructed in the earliest years of 1900s. Villas of Balatonföldvár built around 1990 show an atmosphere mellowed by age, 47 of them are under local protection. The oldest buildings lie in Petőfi street. Kvassay promenade lined with plane-trees is one of the nicest areas of the shore of Balaton. Port is a popular centre of yachting in Hungary, the material of Galamb island in the middle of it had been collected from dredging of the lake. From Kelta promenade running on top of a 200 metre high loess wall there is a wonderful view on Tihany peninsula on the opposite side and on both hollows of the Lake. Remains of the Celtic outworks can also be studied from here.

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