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The village is situated in one of the most beautiful spots of the lake: the natural beauty of the countryside is given by the surrounding untouched hills and forests, the gentle slopes, the nice views from the look-out spots and the exciting water life of Lake Balaton. In the village you can experience a unique combination of old traditions, the elements of folk architecture and the dynamic development of the 20th century, which makes it a beautiful village with its streets full of flowers. In 1990 the village was awarded the prize of "Europe village" given to the nicest villages of Europe.
Szépkilátó look-out tower offers the most beautiful view of Lake Balaton. The landscape gave inspiration to several poets including Károly Eötvös. Its beach was awarded the Blue Flag, which is given to the best-kept and cleanest beaches of Lake Balaton. It awaits children and adults with children's pools, water chutes and all sorts of sports facilities. Visitors are attracted here by the delicious wines of the vineyards, traditional wine-tasting, friendly restaurants, a variety of programmes for tourists, accommodation of high standards and various programmes from spring to autumn. The lovers of nature can go hiking in the Keszthelyi-hills surrounding the village, where they can enjoy the beauty of several protected rare plants. Apart from this, lay-bys, shelters, barbecue spots, look-out towers are offered for visitors. Hunting for small and big game is offered for foreign hunters, too.
Balatongyörök has the longest section of the shore suitable for fishing. Fishing in the village dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. Fishing spots have been created by now. The development of fishing tourism was due to the construction of the harbour for 100 boats. The number and standard of programmes has risen, which is shown by the growing number of visitors, too. The wine festival in July, the wine programmes in August, the vintage festival and procession in September attract thousands of visitors from the neighbourhood. The village awaits visitors with a wide variety of leisure time activities and with its atmosphere ideal for relaxation and recreation. Since the change of the political regime the local governments have been working hard to develop the region and make it attractive for the tourists as well as for the locals by preserving its traditions and relics.
Everyone is welcome in Balatongyörök, the "pearl of Lake Balaton".

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