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Westwards to the boggy meadows of Nagyberek lie the hills of Marcali-ridge. Long-distance road No. 7 leaves Balaton here and turns southwards, to Nagykanizsa. Balatonkeresztúr of 1,715 inhabitants lie here at the junction. In the Middle Ages the village belonged to the Benedictine monks of Somogyvár. Keresztúr and its surroundings were bought by Festetics family in 1698. A bathing association undertaking major role in the development of the village was formed in 1902. The Baroque Roman Catholic church built by Kristóf Festetics between 1753 and 1758 is the greatest sight of the village. Frescoes painted in 1760 are of special interest. The former mansion of Kristóf Festetics can also be visited where the valuable notes of Mátyás Bél on Balaton were prepared in 1731. The resort area on the lake-shore is built completely together with Balatonmária. Nice view from the shallow beach (ideal for small children) to the hills of the opposite site. The bicycle road has been opened between Balatonberény and Balatonkeresztúr Place of excursion of Balatonkeresztúr is the Bokrosi hill.

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