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Village of 560 inhabitants between Balatonszárszó and Balatonszemes. It is accessible directly from M7 highway. It has a nearly 2 km long belt on the lake shore. The 8ha free beach with its trees and grove is unique on the southern shore, it is popular with large families and with those who wish to relax in quiet environment. The promenade with public lighting on the shore is a new, pleasant attraction of the village. The country character of the village is saved almost entirely. The village is first mentioned in a document of King St. László issued in 1082. At the end of the 16th century Balatonőszöd belonged to Tihany, paid taxes probably both to the Turkish and the Hungarian empire. Only four families survived the Turkish times. In 1807 the village became the property of the Piarist order. At that time the village had not only a Catholic but a Calvinist church, too. Characteristic buildings of the village are the former four-storey granary of the Piarists and a few folk houses. The larger area of Őszöd beach is occupied for the purpose of a closed resort of the Hungarian Government, which hosts several conferences. The remaining free area includes a free beach of the village and a camping-site. In the territory of the former camping-site more than 100 apartments were built. On the sandy beach sports grounds were built. Apart from this a port for 98 small yachts is to be built. Sanctuary of the burial-chapel is of the 13th century, built in Romanesque style while nave of the chapel is of Baroque style (18th century). The Village Day is organized on the third weekend of June. On the third Saturday of July the 5th Amateur Coach-driving Competition is held. The seat of the Horsing Association of South-Balaton is in Balatonőszöd.

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