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Village of 1,750 inhabitants built on the side of a hill inclined towards Balaton. The settlement played a significant role in the region in the Middle Ages and it had a church and a chapel already at that time. As we know from the notes of Evlia Cselebi, the famous Turkish traveller, in 1570 a palisaded fortress strengthened with round-shaped corner bastions was constructed here by the Turks which was called Foolish Castle at that time. In 1733 it became the property of Hunyady earls. Areas of the domain located alongside the lake-shore was divided into allotments by earl Imre Hunyady so the first summer visitors appeared in the village as from the 1880s. The port was constructed in 1913, moles of the village provide safety for the largest ships, too. Szemes is rich in historic monuments and sights. The Roman Catholic church of the old village had been built in Romanesque style, then rebuilt in Gothic style in the 15th century, and later on after the Turkish rule it was renovated in Baroque style (1742). The former Hunyady castle (by the side of long-distance road No. 7) was built in the 18th century, currently it operates as an elementary school. The one-storey domanial granary under local protection is erected next to the castle. On the place of the old Turkish border castle, in Bagolyvár street there is a romantic building constructed in 1900 with a tower, winding staircase and castle ditch that is why the name Bagolyvár (Owl's Castle) stuck to it. The Museum of Post takes place in the 18th century stable of the station for changing horses of the former stage-coach service. The museum was completely rebuilt in 2004, when a new wing was attached to the building. At that time a unique monument was unveiled here commemorating the postmen and telecommunication specialists who lost their lives during work. The unique exhibition entitled 'From the post-chaise to the travelling post office' introduces the history of post transportation. The Memorial House of Károly Reich was opened in the house of the family of the famous graphic artist. Memorial Exhibition of Zoltán Latinovits introduces the life of the Hungarian actor king, based on photos and documents. The construction of a thermal bath has been started in the settlement. The constituents and the temperature makes the 37,6 °C thermal water in Szemes suitable for prevention, therapy and rehabilitation. This year a completely renewed beach and aquapark await visitors contributing to the development of bathing life. The port of Balatonszemes was also rebuilt. It was opened in 2005 and is suitable for receiving 135 sailing boats. An important programme of the settlement is the series of programmes called Szemes Days. Exhibitions of fine arts in the Latinovits Cultural Centre in summer. Concerts of classical music in the Roman Catholic church. The settlement is proud of the new building of the school including a sports hall. Ruins of the church and chapel built for the Paulite order (16th century) westwards to Szemes, in the neighbourhood of the camping-site. At the western border of the village a route starts to Rád-puszta where the ruins of a church built in the 13th century can be visited.

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