Town with 12,300 inhabitants in the south of Somogy country, at the meeting point of the roads No. 6 and 68, in the heart of the Danube-Dráva National Park founded in 1996. It is one of the most significant southern gates of the country, border station: It is connected to the nearby Croatia by a road bridge over the Dráva. The port at the Drava offers pleasure boating, the sandy beach and the fishes in the river and its backwaters attract lovers of water and fishing. Kayak and canoe tours on the romantic river are offered for those who are fond of water sports. Visitors can enjoy the special values of the untouched nature in the Education Centre of Drávaszentes, in the Danube-Dráva National Park. The Drava Museum is also worth visiting, which houses a permanent exhibition of local history, temporary exhibitions, the 'Swabian interior' from Szulok and the 'Croatian interior' from Lakócsa. Other interesting sights include the late-Baroque Roman Catholic Church (1805), the former granary, the neo-Classic buildings of the tobacco and salt store-house at the port (1800-1810), as well as the 400-year-old ship. Visitors can go for a ride in a carriage or can go horse riding in the town and its vicinity. The region has especially valuable game stock in Central Europe offering hunters well-equipped hunters' houses and unforgettable experiences.
Outstanding cultural programmes of the village: Spring Festival (March), Dráva Festival (from the end of May to the end of June), International Fine Arts Camp (July), as well as programmes related with the national holidays.

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