Town with 12,000 inhabitants in the southwestern region of Hungary, in Baranya county, 30 km from the Croatian border. Historic small town rich in monuments, providing the possibility of silent relaxation for the visitors. The fortress of legendary fame of Miklós Zrínyi can be visited today, too. The old-time fortress (built from 1420 to 1440) remained in rebuilt form, with Suliman's djami erected by the Turks and an Exhibition on the History of the Fortress in it. In 1566 the castle was captured by the Turks. In the final stage of the siege the commander of the castle, Miklós Zrínyi and his soldiers sallied out and, seven soldiers excepted, who were taken prisoners, died a glorious death. The event was immortalised by the great-grandson of the commander in an epic poem entitled the "The Peril of Sziget". In the town the Roman Catholic parish church was originally Ali pasha's djami, built in 1569 and converted into a Christian church in 1788. One of the greatest sights of the town is the fresco of István Dorfmeister, ornamenting the cupola of the church. Park of the Hungarian-Turkish Friendship at the border of the town where the statues of Suliman and Miklós Zrínyi are placed next to each other.
Thermal beach with excellent medicinal water, exhibitions and live music programs are provided for the visitors of Szigetvár during the whole year.

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