Large village with 1,366 inhabitants on the road Kaposvár-Szántód, one of the most significant settlements in Outer-Somogy. Igal is situated on the nicest, most characteristic part of Transdanubia, 24 kms from Kaposvár, 40 kms from Lake Balaton. It is surrounded by plough-lands, vineyards, woody hills. The Somogy-Tolnai ridge of hills, which spreads on the northern edge of the village, has its highest point here on the 301 m high Csúcsos hill. The Gothic Roman Catholic church was built in the 15th century, it was reconstructed in 1756 in Baroque style with multifigural columned main altar. The effect of the thermal bath established after mineral water had gushed out can be seen in the village: more and more high standard accommodations and restaurants await visitors. The mineral water of Igal contains alkali-chloride, iodine, hydrogen carbonate, it has intensive biological effect through its temperature (79 °C) and high salinity. It helps to cure locomotor disorders, arthritic problems, circulation troubles and gynaecological problems. It is also recommended as drinking cure in case of metabolic disturbances and indigestion. Igal awaits those who want to cure themselves and relax in its recently built indoor bath and health centre.

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