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The small town with 3,748 inhabitants lies on the national highway No. 57 between Mohács and Pécs, 28 km from Pécs. The Batthyány-Montenuovo mansion and an 11 hectare nature conservation park are situated in the centre of Bóly. Local traditions are displayed in the Local History Museum and the History of Agriculture Exhibition at Békáspuszta. The Elisabeth Hall can be found in the Main square. It is the cultural and tourist centre of the region with a Tourinform office and the centre of the White wine route Association. The town takes special care of the preservation of the row of wine cellars with 353 press-houses. The Mohács-Bóly White wine route Association was founded in 1999 to preserve the traditions of viticulture and wine culture. Its aim is to improve tourism in the town and the region. Outstanding events: "Emmausz" - Feast in the row of wine cellars on Easter Monday; White wines, white roast meat gastronomical festival (last Sunday of June); Batthyány Days (19-20th August); paprika chicken cooking festival at vintage (the first Saturday of September); patronal festival on 20th October, on the day of St. Wendelin. There are possibilities of angling, hunting and riding in the surroundings.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Bóly
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