The seat of county Somogy, Kaposvár is situated in the varied hills of South-Transdanubia.

The town of county rank is developing dynamically in the centre of the region having lively social life. As a result of its function, it is the economic, commercial and cultural centre. Apart from cultural programmes the town offers various kinds of leisure time activities.

It hosts important cultural programmes every year, the performances in Gergely Csiky Theatre are internationally famous, the art and folk dance groups of the town are well-known abroad, too. In 2004 it was given a golden award at the competition of the European Flowery Towns and Villages in France.

The forests and lakes near the town offer excellent programmes for visitors who love nature, like fishing and bathing. Those who are interested in equestrian sports, can visit the Equestrian Academy near Lake Deseda or the horse-riding centres surrounding the town which offer recreation. The preservation of equestrian traditions and the horse show programmes provide real attractions. The riders of the county won the first place at the 3rd Horse Riding World Meeting in 2005.
For the lovers of water the Town Bath of Kaposvár and the aquapark with 3,500 m2 continuous water surface are offered.

The settlements near Kaposvár are also rich in historical, ethnographical and natural beauties. The Village Museum of Szenna, the archery show from the age of the conquest of Hungary at Kaposdada is a real speciality for visitors. In Kossuth square, which is the most beautiful square of Kaposvár, you can see the Town Hall and the Our Lady Cathedral. The seat of the Local Council of Kaposvár is situated in the neo-Renaissance Town Hall built between 1902 and 1904. The coat of arms of the town and of the county at the entrance and the picture of the castle of Kaposvár in the staircase were made by painter Géza Udvardy. The skylight and the glass windows were painted by the world-famous artist, Miksa Róth.
The most dominant building of Kossuth square is the neo-Romanesque Our Lady Church, which was given the rank of cathedral in 1993 when Kaposvár became an episcopal seat. The building, which is the third church built on this site, was completed in its present form in 1886.

Outstanding museums of the town include painter József Rippl-Rónai's villa, Rippl Rónai Museum, Vaszary Gallery, Pannon Gallery, Museum of Minerals, the Ruins of the Benedictine Abbey of Szentjakab, Railway Memorial Museum, Steiner Collection, Somogyi Sports Museum, Lazarine Perfumary.

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