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Bőcs with 2,863 inhabitants is situated 15 km from Miskolc, along the river Hernád. The river divides the village into two parts, which is not only a natural feature, it was also important from an administrative point of view for centuries: one part of the village (Outer-Bőcs) belonged to county Zemplén, while the other part (Inner-Bőcs) – to county Abaaúj and later to county Borsod. It was first mentioned in records in 1222, i.e. the year of the Golden bull, which stated that the village was founded and named after chieftain Bulcsú. The village is a junction of the surrounding settlements such as Gesztely, Kesznyéten and Sajólád. Its central role is reflected not only in its location, it is one of the centres of the microregions being established within the Small Region of Miskolc. It has been developing dynamically since 1990. All the facilities are available to provide comfort for the locals and the visitors. The Village House has a hall seating 300 persons and it also includes a library offering education and cultural programmes. Bőcs also has a sports hall and a sports ground for both professional and amateur sports people.

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