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Village with 1,410 inhabitants at road No. 38 on the river Bodrog, 6 km from Tokaj. The village has become part of the world heritage in the category of "Cultural Landscape". On the 22nd January, 1849 György Klapka gained a victory over the imperial troops in the fields of the village. The battlefield is commemorated by an obelisk. The Roman Catholic church built in Gothic style, the Rákóczi house, the Máriássy and Sárai mansions are all listed monuments. The grave of the miraculous rabbi (Jesaja Steiner, Sajele Reb) is on the top of Dereszla hill. The memorial house of the rabbi is at 65, Kossuth út. The memorial park of the victims of the world war, the holocaust memorial tablet and memorial place and the millecentenary memorial park are next to one another in the main street of the village.

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