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Ferencváros is the old-new name of the 9th district of Budapest. This part of the town built outside the town gates of Pest was given this name in 1792 on the occasion of Ferenc I's coming to the throne. In 1879 Pest, Buda and Óbuda were united, and among the districts of the new town called Budapest this part was given number 9. At that time the territory of the district was the same size as today. Üllői road and Soroksári road ( and the bank of the Danube), the two 'radii' of the typical structure of the capital with radiating and ring roads, border the district and moving outwards the units divided by the rings show less and less of the characteristics of a town. Inner-Ferencváros, the part between Vámház boulevard and Ferenc Boulevard is the oldest and the most urban part of the district. The area between Ferenc boulevard and Haller street is called Middle-Ferencváros. Haller street used to be the border of the town as well as the protection line against floods, while the area between Soroksári road and Vágóhíd street was mainly an agricultural and industrial part with mills and dwelling houses. In Outer-Ferencváros you can find Attila József housing estate, which is one of the oldest and friendliest ones in the capital. Main sights: the Church of the Parish of Ferencváros in Bakáts square, the Museum of Applied Arts, the Calvinist Church in Kálvin square, the Great Market hall, the National Theatre, the Church of Perpetual Adoration, the synagogue in Páva street, Ráday street, St. Cirill and Metod Church of the Eastern Church, St. Vincent parish church, Holocaust Memorial Centre.

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