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A village with 1,300 inhabitants 11 km from Miskolc surrounded by a thick beech-wood, 600 m above seal level. Resort village in the hills. It is famous for its healthy, clean air and the sub-alpine climate, which is unique in Hungary. The history and products of four nearby glass-works are shown in the Industry Historic Museum of Bükk Glass-Works. In the heart of the forest 9 km from the village you can find the relics of the last glasswork of the settlement (the Glasswork of Gyertyán-völgy) and its cemetery. The altar of the Virgin Mary, the pulpit and the organ of the Catholic church (built in 1801) originate from the former Pauline monastery of Diósgyőr. Excellent facilities for making excursions to the tourists' spots of Bükk. Places of interest in the vicinity: Lillafüred, the Diósgyőr castle, the cave bath of Tapolca, the Saint Stephen Stalactite cave, the Szeleta cave, the Balla cave and the Suba hole. Ancient crafts such as lime-burning and charcoal-burning can still be found in the settlement. The burning furnaces at night are very spectacular. The monument of Béla IV. can be seen at the border of the village.

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