Village with 1,450 inhabitants 15 kms from Lake Balaton, famous for its folk art and traditions. The three types of Buzsák embroidery - appliqué, witching and the so called 'vesa' - can be seen in the community centre. The house of folk art from the 19th century is a traditional peasant house with a guest room, with 'smoky' kitchen and exhibition room. In the courtyard playground, place for bacon toasting, oven, open air stage await visitors. The altar of the White Chapel, carved from wood, with vine-tendrils and a statue of Virgin Mary which can be dressed, can be seen in the Roman Catholic church. The thermal bath of Buzsák-Csisztapuszta is ideal for rheumatic, gynaecological and gastric complaints. Outstanding sights are the 150-year-old wine cellars on János hill.

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