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It is part of the tourism corridor of Eger-Szilvásvárad-Aggtelek and the northern gate of the Bükk hills. It is situated in the Northern hills, in the valley of the brook Bán. It is surrounded by the Bükk National Park in the south and by the Landscape Protection Area of Lázbérc in the north. The village of 1732 inhabitants was formed when two villages, Dédes and Bántapolcsány were united in 1950. The village was granted the right to hold fairs in 1924 and since then the traditional, nationally famous ”Fair of Dédes” has been held on the third Monday in May and in September every year, where you can buy almost everything from hutches through woven baskets to sets of harness. An outstanding event is the ”Nationality Festival of Dédes”, which has been held in September for several years attracting many visitors and toursits by offering innumerable cultural programmes.

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