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The village is accessible on road No. 2 from Nagyoroszi and by rail on the line between Balassagyarmat and Vác.
It was first mentioned in records in 1255 under the name Dehter. It was the property of the Losonczy family in the 14th century. King Sigismund put the village in pawn to the archbishop of Esztergom in 1436. In 1438 it was donated to Albert, our first Habsburg king. At that time the village had agricultural privileges, but its development was stopped by the devastation during the Turkish occupation. According to a legend, the house of captain György Szondi, the hero of Drégely used to be in the village, but this fact has not been proven.
Programmes: Village day - in August, 8 September - patronal feast, October - vintage ball, Kálmán Mikszáth prose reciting competition, November - the evening of cooking Palots dishes, December - nativity play ( Mass at midnight).

Községi Önkormányzat, Dejtár
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