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A pearl in Keszthelyi-hills. It is situated at nearly the same distance from Keszthely, Sümeg and Zalaszentgrót, which is famous for its thermal bath. There is a nice view of the valleys of the rivers Zala and Marcal from the vineyards of Kovácsi-hill belonging to the village. Kovácsi-hill is famous for its 'Basalt street', one of the most interesting basalt formations of Hungary. The Basalt street leads to several little caves, the smallest of which is called cave Vadlány. The population of the village is under 100 people, and it has a peaceful, friendly atmosphere. The countryside offers opportunities for hunting, fishing and hiking. The hostel and the camping-site can accommodate large groups. Private accommodation is provided for families. A thermal spring of 47 C° has been found in the village to be utilized by investors.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Döbröce
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