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The youngest town of Borsod county, to the east of Miskolc on the left side of the river Sajó. The Bárczai castle is the oldest building of the town, it used to be the home of the owner of the former village. It got its present classicist form in the1800s. The Greek Catholic church was consecrated in 1851, its remarkable iconostas was made by the Spisák brothers. The Roman Catholic church was built in 1900, it was dedicated to Saint Emeric the Baptist. There are three monuments in honour of the heroes of the motherland. The oldest is the memorial of the Zsolca battle, in which GörgeyŚs troops fought against the looting soldiers of the Russian Tzar. The memorial of the second World War and the wooden headboard of the revolution of the 1956 are situated in the Park of Piety in the centre of the town.

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