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The village is located on the northern part of Western-Mezőföld, at the southwestern foot of Kőhegy. It is a settlement of Pecheneg origin. It was first mentioned in documents in 1257. A lot of country cottage owners settled in the village because of its good location. The closeness of Lake Balaton and the beautiful untouched nature attract people. The Sárrét House of Regional Culture can be found in Füle. The house with verandah and three-centred arch arcades is a nice piece of folk architecture. It was built in the first half of the 19th century. The majority of the furniture was the last owner's property. Homespun handwoven textiles and embroideries are on display in the back part of the house, the oldest one is a tablecoth made in Bicske in 1735. The look-out point of the village is the Kőhegy (Stone hill). There are several hunting associations in Füle: the Blue Bird with a centre in Polgárd and the Hunor-Magor hunting association. There is also a high standard sports hall. Outstanding event is the Saint John the Baptist patronal festival in June on the square near the Catholic church, and the Barátfüle (Jam pockets) Festival in August.

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