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A village of 790 inhabitants on the edge of Zalaapáti-hills running on the western side of Small-Balaton. In the east it is surrounded by the reeds of Small-Balaton, in the west - by vineyards, the brook Kiskúti flows via the village. The findings that were opened before Small-Balaton had been filled up show that it is an ancient settlement. It was first mentioned in records in 1335. The name is of Slavic origin meaning a small ridge. It was owned by the episcopate of Veszprém from the Middle Ages to the middle of the 20th century. The village suffered a lot during the Turkish rule, the inhabitants fled to an island of Small-Balaton, which is called Ófalu ('old village') now marked with a stone cross. Its church was dedicated to Saint Adalbertin in 1755. The village has a monument commemorating the victims of the two World Wars, next to the monument a bell-tower can be seen. The closeness of Small Balaton, the fishing opportunities and Zalakaros, which is 3 km from here attract many visitors to the camping site of the village.

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