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It is situated near the international road No. 3 (Miskolc-Košice), it is divided by the road between Szerencs –Košice. It is worth having a short rest here to enjoy the historical values and the beautiful landscape. In the village you can find the Paulite monastery named after St. Catherine, in the crypt of which the descendants of the Kornis, Petneházy and Dobó families are buried. The so-called Anjou tapestry of our Gothic applied arts, which is preserved in the Cathedral Treasury of Esztergom, originates from here. This antipendium (altar cover) is the oldest known religious embroidery of Hungary. The Calvinist church from the age of Árpád is situated in the north of the village. The church garden and the church is surrounded by a mediaeval circular wall. Through the semicircular gate you can get into the centuries-old cemetery of the village. The pyramidal spire of the neoclassical Roman Catholic church is decorated with semicircular belfry windows. It is worth visiting the Kornis, the Kazinczy, the Bárczay-Patay mansions, as well as the Chapel and the Krajnik-crypt. You can see several fence columns carved from stone evoking the golden days of the village. In the Jewish cemetery you can see simple tombstones carved from red tuff placed randomly. The monument of the victims of the World Wars can be seen near the building of the Local Council. The world famous apricot brandy produced in the village can compare with the the famous brandy of Kecskemét. Göncruszka awaits visitors with Hungarian hospitality and offers pleasant relaxation and recreation. The visitors are provided information on the places of interest by the so-called ”Szekel board”, which can be found in front of the post office.

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