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A dead-end village with 320 inhabitants 10 kms south of Balatonboglár. There are a lot of walnut trees on the woody hills. Probably the village was named after them because walnut was called 'gyugy' in the past. Gyugy was a burial place of the Avars. It is proved by the Avar graves which were found a few years ago. The archaeological opening is still in progress. The neo-Classical Kacskovics mansion with the old farm-buildings from 1865 is an important listed monument. It was purchased by a German family. Other sight is the Romanesque church from Árpád's age. Archeologists excavated and restored the windows of the Romanesque shrine and original entrance from the walls of the present church. They found the parts of the sacristy and barrel vaulted roof. This 'pearl' near Lake Balaton attracts both Hungarian and foreign visitors.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Gyugy
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