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Village with 800 inhabitants centrally in hills Cserhát. Harasztipuszta attached to the village was first mentioned in documents in 1290; the gothic church used as a granary from the middle of the 19th century till the recent times still stands there. Liszkópuszta also attached to the village was recorded in chronicles under the name ŚAlsóliszkóŚ as an independent settlement in 1395. Herecsény was first mentioned in writing in 1322. First it was in the ownership of the archbishop of Esztergom, then of the Rhédey family. The statue of Nepomuk Saint John originated from the 18th century is a significant monument of the village. Sanctuary of the church of the village is probably of Árpád age while its tower was built in the 17th century. Famous nature conservation area of the village is spring Arethusa and its surroundings (near Liszkópuszta).

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